​Gavi came to acting later in life, leaving an established career to pursue his true passion for the performance arts. Within three years of making his debut on stage as the Stagehand in Masterclass, he has been cast in a diverse range of theatre productions, indie films, and played with several Vancouver-based improv troupes.

Gavi brings joy to each of his roles - from the somber to the satirical - and connects with audiences through his joyful spirit. Gavi embraces physicality on stage and screen, and is committed to life-long voice and movement training. His dedication to refining his craft drives him to seek mentorship from world-class teachers and pursue challenging new projects.

Gavi is known for his film roles as the cantankerous bingo caller, Leo, in the award-winning short, “Super Bingo”, and the bumbling father in the webseries “The Babysitter.”