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The best in life and art is born out of passion. 

Vita Appassionata-passionate life!

VA (Vita Appassionata) Entertainment Inc. has been a part of the film and television industry for decades with clients throughout North America.

VA is home to VA Management, VA Assets, VA Productions, and Vincenza’s Angels-a charitable fundraising initiative, which gives local talent a chance to perform live while raising money for local charities. 


VA is known to Casting, Production and Location Scouts for their professionalism and passion for their clients and the industry as a whole. 


Founder and CEO, Vittoria DeMichina, with Shawna Whitney-Senior Agent and Head of VA Assets Background division and Alison McMahon, Senior Agent and Lower Mainland BG lead,

work together for all their rosters. 

Vittoria, Alison and Shawna with their amazing support staff welcome you to VA and ask you to explore the site and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Alison McMahon

Senior Agent, Lower Mainland Background Lead

Shawna Whitney

Senior Agent Head of VA’s Background 


Vittoria DeMichina


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